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Shandong Feichuang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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Min. Order: 1 Bộ
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although it was very nice to deal with Daisy, she was very friendly and helpful, i wished the machine was constructed better. the wiring didn't have ground connected to it despite being a 3 phase motor. the machine inside was very dirty and needed an extra cleaning and sanding in certain areas the cable was very short, about 1 meter the machine lid wedling was broken the wheels looked like used. you can see the images and decide for yourself.

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Machine delivery is a brand new machine. The wheel is the distance from the finished machine to the packing wooden case in the factory, which is a little worn. But we guarantee that all our machines are brand new and never sell second-hand machines. The machines we send are also three-phase electricity, and all machines are made according to the requirements of customers. Please don't do this for money.
15 Apr 2024
I was promised the world just to make me purchase the machine and after payment the real story began. The machine took too long to arrive, was delivered damaged, socket wire too short to connect to the wall even after using an extention cable, the machine wouldn't work. The sales rep refused to accept responsibility or refund any of my money until I escalated it to Alibaba. Even with that it took several attempts before I was able to get a small percentage of my money back. Now I am stuck with a large unusable machine. I definitely will not recommend this seller nor do I plan to shop from Alibaba.com again after this horrific experience. I should have read previous reviews before purchasing.

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    Please be a good person. You did not provide any substantive evidence from the receipt of the goods. You've been talking about it all the time, and there's nothing wrong with all the goods we've sent. Please check your problems and see if you did it intentionally to get the money.
    01 Apr 2024
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